CIFP Case Challenge 2024

The CIFP Case Challenge is meant to provide students with an opportunity to take what they have learned in their financial services programs and demonstrate their financial planning acumen. The CIFP Case Challenge will give students an opportunity to: interact effectively in team situations, analyze real business and financial planning problems, develop appropriate solutions, and present these solutions to a panel of Financial Planners.

Each school will send a team of three students to compete with one or two faculty members serving as coaches. Each team will be sequestered and receive a copy of a case study. Teams will then have a set allotment of time to develop a case analysis, recommendations, and an implementation plan. Once completed, students will then have up to twenty-five minutes to present their findings to a panel of judges (financial services professionals). During this time students must convince the judges that their solutions are viable and are the best solutions for the case. The team that makes the best and most persuasive case presentation will win the competition. Prizes will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

The CIFP Case Challenge intends to raise the profile of entry-level practitioners who are graduating from Financial Planning programs within the public college and university systems. It is a forum where sponsoring organizations can network with students to discover performance-tested individuals in practical and applied financial planning. Sponsoring organizations will be able to see these students in action and have access to the best and most qualified pre-graduates in financial planning from across Canada.

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