Renew RRC® Designation

Each license holder is required to renew their RRC/CR designation annually and pay the licensing fee. In addition, each license holder must complete a minimum of 10 qualifying, verifiable continuing education activities approved by the CIFP Retirement Institute on an annual basis, adhere to the Code of Conduct and Practice Standards and sign the license renewal agreement.

The renewal term for the RRC/CR runs from January 1 to December 31 of each renewal year. RRC/CR license holders who fail to renew their RRC/CR by February 1 of the renewing year will lose the right to call themselves an RRC/CR and will be required to follow the instructions on re-instating the designation and must pay all applicable fees and penalties.

RRC/CR license holders who fail to meet their continuing education requirements may have their license revoked by the CIFP Retirement Institute. CE exemptions are available for license holders who meet certain criteria.

The 2024 licensing fee for the RRC/CR designation is $149.00 + Applicable Provincial Regulation Fee* + GST/HST.

Click here for the to access the RRC/CR renewal application and renew your license.

For assistance with your renewal please call us at: 1-844-524-3774

*Provincial Regulation fees are only applicable to those who hold a Financial Planner (FP) title in Ontario