Who We Are

The CIFP Retirement Institute was launched in 2013. The Institute is an independent operating arm of the Canadian Institute of Financial Planning and oversees various designations under license from CIFP. Specifically, the Institute is responsible for administering the following broad-based financial planning designations that feature a specialization in retirement planning:

  • Registered Retirement Consultant (RRC®)/Conseillers en Retraite and Conseillères en Retraite (CR®)
  • Registered Financial and Retirement Advisor (RFRA®)
  • Registered Retirement Analyst (RRA®)

Under license from CIFP, the CIFP Retirement Institute oversees the standards for the RRC/CR, RFRA and RRA credentials and it regularly reviews and updates the related programs of study and accompanying examinations. The Institute also develops, maintains and grades the retirement plan that is part of the education requirement for successful completion of the RRC/CR education programs.

For holders of the Registered Retirement Consultant/Conseillers en Retraite and Conseillères en Retraite, Registered Financial and Retirement Advisor and Registered Retirement Analyst credentials, the CIFP Retirement Institute administers the Code of Conduct and holds disciplinary hearings as required. It has also developed Practice Standards that set out and clarify the responsibilities and expectations for the RRC/CR, RFRA and RRA holder as they conduct retirement planning services and, financial planning more broadly, for their clients to ensure the best interests of the public and confidence in the financial planning profession are upheld.