Pursuing the CFP® Designation?

If you have aspirations of obtaining the Certified Financial Planner® designation, the CIFP Registered Retirement Consultant/Conseiller en Retraite and Conseillère en Retraite Program serves as the perfect stepping stone to this goal. Successful completion of the RRC/CR Program means you have already taken significant strides towards earning the CFP® credential—you will qualify for advanced standing in approximately 40% of the CIFP CFP Certification Program (an FPSC-approved core curriculum education program that must be completed to earn the CFP designation).

Recent changes implemented by Financial Planning Standards Council has made attaining CFP certification a more daunting, a more demanding, a more time consuming and a more costly endeavour. Completion of the RRC/CR Program as an initial step—particularly, if you are an adult learner who has been out of ‘school mode’ for some time—enables you to ease into the rigours of the CFP program and minimizes the intimidation surrounding your CFP studies.

The path to CFP certification is at minimum a long, three-years. You know you will be rewarded when you ultimately reach your end goal but, wouldn’t it be gratifying and motivating to see a payoff for your hard work while you are on the journey as well? Completing the CIFP RRC/CR Program en route to the CFP designation, earns you a fully recognized intermediate credential and the right to use the RRC/CR titles on your business cards even as you continue with your studies.