Fully Recognized Designation

The financial services industry is unfortunately plagued by alphabet soup syndrome—it is awash with a dizzying array of acronyms representing quasi and academically debatable credentials that purport to give an individual advanced knowledge in a particular sphere of financial planning. Often, the right to use these titles can be earned with minimal effort and are neither regulated on an ongoing basis nor require continuing education to uphold them. Unfortunately, these credentials only serve to confuse and mislead an unsuspecting public and to detract from holders of designations that are in fact legitimate.

In contrast, the Registered Retirement Consultant/Conseiller en Retraite and Conseillère en Retraite designation is an industry-recognized, full credential that gives the holder a specialty in retirement planning. In keeping with all bona fide professional designations, the RRC/CR credential demands the highest standards of its holders:

  • in addition to passing the final formal examination, successful completion of the Program requires the advisor to apply their knowledge through the development of a retirement plan and to defend the recommendations in the plan before the Retirement Institute
  • before attaining RRC/CR certification, the prospective RRC/CR holder must have a minimum of one year of qualifying work experience
  • each year, at renewal, the RRC/CR holder must attest to abide by a Code of Conduct and Practice Standards
  • the RRC/CR holder must satisfy a continuing education requirement on an annual basis to remain in good standing