Opportunities in Retirement Planning

In survey after survey, Canadians consistently rank a comfortable retirement among their top financial goals. Yet alarmingly, only 25% of respondents feel they are actually close to achieving their goal.1 It is clear that despite the best intentions of Canadians to set aside funds for their future, the vast majority of people do not appear to be doing so using a well-thought-out and planned approach. With this in mind, the opportunity for you to set your clients on a path to a comfortable retirement is limitless.

With planning for retirement front and centre in the minds of Canadians, what better way to win their confidence and trust than becoming a Registered Retirement Consultant/Conseiller en Retraite and Conseillère en Retraite? Armed with advanced and specialized knowledge you will be able to construct detailed plans to help your clients achieve their retirement objectives.

Importantly—but, all too often overlooked—comprehensive retirement planning involves much more than accounting for the basic pre-retirement, accumulation stage; it extends into the needs of your clients once they actually retire as well as post-retirement/estate planning considerations.

As a Registered Retirement Consultant/Conseiller en Retraite and Conseillère en Retraite, you will have the competencies to converse with clients about all phases of their retirement and to implement a customized plan that is appropriate for the needs of each individual.