About Us

The CIFP Retirement Institute was launched in 2013.

The Retirement Institute is responsible for administering the RRC®/CR® designations and overseeing their standards. It regularly reviews and updates the RRC/CR program of study and the accompanying examination. It also develops, maintains and grades the retirement plan that is part of the education requirement for successful completion of the RRC/CR program.

For Registered Retirement Consultants/Conseillers en Retraite and Conseillères en Retraite, the Retirement Institute administers the Code of Conduct and conducts disciplinary hearings where required. It has also developed retirement planning Practice Standards that set out and clarify the responsibilities and expectations for both the RRC/CR holder and the clients he or she serves.

The Institute is also the pre-eminent source to obtain unbiased, high quality, topical information about retirement and retirement planning. The relevance of this content is clear given the ageing Canadian demographic and the prominent position this segment of the population occupies in the marketing efforts of financial institutions, practicing financial planners and the financial services industry as a whole.

The Retirement Institute has a mission to research and develop the knowledge base of retirement planning. Its Web site hosts information that expands on the technical educational content already contained in the RRC/CR Program courseware with a focus on the more qualitative aspects of retirement that may not be addressed in a typical client-planner meeting or that may not be discussed in sufficient detail because far too often the client-planner interaction revolves around all things quantitative. Topics such as lifestyle planning, soft skills, retirement trends, considerations as part of estate and succession planning and how to prepare for retirement are addressed. It also conducts research and surveys on retirement planning topics and issues for the benefit and enlightenment of the Canadian public.

The Institute promotes retirement planning through industry events such as the Canadian Institute of Financial Planners Annual National Conference. The Conference features a distinct retirement planning stream created by the Institute that highlights lifestyle planning and runs through the duration of the event. The Institute also contributes topic ideas and sessions for other professional development workshops including the CIFPs Professional Days and chapter educational events.